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Best Babylon Toolbar Removal Tool - 100% Completely Uninstall Babylon Toolbar Search Engine

Babylon toolbar is a an adware program. It installs in to our system's silently along with some other software's and sits in our computers.

Recently I had installed the yourfiledownloder software, unknowingly this nasty babylon search engine toolbar has installed silently without notifying. Now the problem had started. It is redirecting all the searches i made in Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer to

Remove Babylon Toolbar

I googled how to remove the babylon toolbar completely and best of my knowledge I red many security forums, blogs. I didn't found any best babylon toolbar uninstall utility or manual removing instructions on the web to remove the babylon search redirection.

Finally I found a awesome tiny and powerful adware removal utility for removing babylon toolbar  only with the file size of 540kb. It not only removes bablylon toolbar but also many more other adware programs installed on your computer.

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 How To Remove Babylon Toolbar Completely

  • Firstly Uninstall the Babylon toolbar from your system.
  • Disable and Remove the babylon toolbar addon / plugins form your browsers IE-Explorer, Firefox and Chrome.
  • Now see the instructions below how to remove all the settings made by babylon toolbar with the help of Adw Cleaner by Xplode.

  •  1. Click Search button.
  • 2. It will search for the adware software's installed on your computer and generates a report of the adware software's files and registry entries existing on your computer.
  • 3. Now press the Detele button, now it will deletes all the files and setting made by the babylon toolbar or any other adwares found on your system.
  • 4. Press OK button, it will close all the programs currently running and starts cleaning.
Still if you face any problems with babylon toolbar, write a comment here. If you liked this post  please share it with your friends. 

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  1. Hi Krishna,

    Thank you for the lovely tip. :)


    My Blog | My FB Page

  2. Hi Krishna,

    Thanks a lot man for the beautiful tip :)

  3. I was wandering around net for this only, have a big problem with babylon toolbar. Thanks!

  4. Hello,
    I'm from babylon support team.
    Babylon toolbar is actually very easy to remove, please follow this link: to get full and quick instructions.
    Need more?
    contact us at

    1. But what about when Babylon search become an virus and not easy to remove what do you say about that?

    2. Its not easy what the Babylon support team suggests but I would still say thanks for being honest and showing up on such forums, it takes a lot of courage. Support team of Babylon, you should make it easier to remove, I know it will kill your business but its not nice to earn money annoying people.

  5. It doesn't seem right to have to pay to remove something I didn't want.

  6. Hey This is awesome working great, and the process is very easy to work on Remove babylon. i like this post.. i think this post is very helpful for me. thanks for sharing it!!! good job!!! keep it up :) !!!

  7. Works great! Thank you :-)

  8. Krishna, I searched high and low for a way to remove
    Babylon.... Thanks for the post, AdwCleaner did the trick, it even found some Malware that other scanners/cleaners had missed.

  9. You safed a technical Dilemma that always sinks my time of removing some of these unncessary toolbars. Blessings

  10. Toolbar development is best method to increase traffic to your website. It is easy or cost effective method to increase business. Nice post.

  11. Nice post.Its help to remove the babylon search tool bar.

  12. I read an post related to removing Babylon toolbar where they have mansioned that avast antivirus creating problem for removal of this toolbar,But I havn't faced it so?

  13. How do I Remove babylon program from my Internet Explorer.
    I am unable to do anything else when I tap the IE link.

  14. Hey Krishna Thanks A Lot Yaar...................!!!
    I wanted to know some stuff from u...
    Will u please guide???

  15. Good post about computer it is very useful for users

    Internet Explorer Deleting Tips

  16. this is the most dumbest thing i have ever read install a program to remove one Duh i dont want Babylon tool bar.....

  17. Krishna: Mighty heap of thanks! Babylon is gone now. GREAT JOB AND SERVICE TO ALL OF US WHO ARE VICTIMS. Any other wayS that we can receive your absolute writing in our emails?
    CHEERRRS, BaileyHy

  18. Easy to use..

    Thx for sharing and goodby babylon..

    1. It's works fine.It's a free software no need to pay

  19. Hey Krishna,

    So, I'm having trouble because I use Chrome, not Internet Explorer and I have a Windows 8 computer. Could this be why Babylon or related programs do not show up in my list of programs when I go into delete a program? Please reply ASAP because Babylon is really starting to piss me off. Thanks.

  20. I don't like Babylon toolbar.very useful tips.thanks man

  21. this guy from Babylon the page he gives has no proper guide you need to do a better job

  22. Babylon is a Adware software. I hate this kind of software.thanks

  23. Both delta search and babylon toolbarl are belong to the same company, that guy from babylon tool even did not say sorry for doing such nasty things, What a shame!

  24. Thank for the removal process,If this babylon remove bar affects network areas or network switches then what should I do?

    Lacy Brown


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